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Episode 167 - Top Ten Songs About Gambling w/Susan Atkinson
May 22, 2015 09:24 AM PDT
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In this high-stakes game that we call life, there are endless things to wager on. Whether you're speaking metaphorically, figuratively or literally, gambling is a fascinating subject for a song, something that Ben and first-time guest, the lovely Susan Atkinson can attest to. We could spout out endless cliches here in this introduction - you know, how playing with the queen of hearts ain't really smart and the ace of spades is the only card we need, and so forth - but we'd rather just mention this disclaimer: if this episode causes you to sell your car, house and wife and blow everything you have in Vegas, we're not responsible. Just don't do it. Enjoy! smiley

Episode 166 - Top Ten Karaoke Classics Vol. 1 w/Gabe Scalone
May 15, 2015 09:16 AM PDT
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For fans of music and embarrassment, there's nothing like a night of karaoke. What could be better than getting together with friends, having a few drinks, and belting out the most entertaining and/or cheesy songs of all time. Longtime karaoke veteran Gabe Scalone joins Ben (who has been known to throw down some tunes on occasion) to count down the first volume of songs that were made to be annihilated on stage in a alcoholic haze. They also offer pointers, little tricks of the trade to maximize your outing and have a total blast. Take this one to your heart, or at least your liver.

Episode 165 - Top Ten "Weird Al" Yankovic Songs w/Steven Leavitt
May 08, 2015 09:35 AM PDT
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The number of artists in music that have remained vital and relevant for the past 35 years can be counted on one hand. It's a true testament to the genius of the man. Yes, we're talking about the Weird one. All Time Top Ten is over the moon with excitement to finally pay tribute to a true legend in music and comedy. A future member of the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame (if there's any justice), and proud recipient of a Number One album in 2014, "Weird Al" Yankovic has been a part of our lives for longer than we can remember. And there are more than enough amazing parodies, polkas, and original classics to fill 2 episodes, so Ben and special guest Steven Leavitt try their best to bring you the cream of the crop. Behold the majesty of musical comedy - behold his royal Weirdness. We are so not worthy.

This week's guest Steven Leavitt's business I Create Sound is designed to help up-and-coming musicians with advice on studio design, home recording help and more. Go here for deets:

Episode 164 - Top Ten Songs Based On Works Of Fiction w/Chris Wolffing
May 01, 2015 08:54 AM PDT
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From the works of Shakespeare and Tolkien to comic books, movies and video games; songwriters can take inspiration from fictional stories and turn them into their own sublime creations. This week's podcast digs deep to find some of the most haunting, moving and/or ridiculous musical adaptations to some of the world's most beloved works of fiction. Ben is joined via Skype by 'Professor' Chris Wolffing to tackle this literary topic and hopefully inspire you to be inspired.

Episode 163 - Top Ten Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Guitarists Of The Classic Era w/Thad Wawro
April 17, 2015 08:58 AM PDT
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Guitar Month keeps on truckin' along and you knew it was only a matter of time before we got to some metal. For our intents and purposes this week, the "Classic Era" begins with the birth of hard rock & heavy metal, and ends around 1990. Who better to co-host this countdown than the great Thad Wawro? Thad is a writer and back in the classic era, he wrote articles, conducted interviews and was completely immersed in the hard rock and metal universe. His work appeared in Kerrang, Hit Parader, Creem and more. Now, Thad helps break down why we revere these insanely talented guitarists so many years later. Turn this one up to 11!

Episode 162 - Top Ten Slide Guitar Songs w/John O'Kennedy
April 10, 2015 09:39 AM PDT
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Welcome back to Guitar Month! It's amazing how much one little piece of plastic or glass can enhance a song, and how much feeling, virtuosity and nuance a great slide guitar player can summon with just one little finger. From Duane Allman to Derek Trucks, the slide guitar has been a tool of the most righteously badass guitar players out there. Ben is joined by longtime session guitarist and slide fanatic/enthusiast/obsessive John O'Kennedy to listen to and discuss the greatness of the slide and it's finest moments in rock. And, if you're not careful, you just may learn something.

John is always up for a session or two if you need a hand in the LA area. Find him here:

Episode 161 - Top Ten Rock Guitar Riffs Volume 1 w/Chris Price
April 03, 2015 09:23 AM PDT
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It's no joke, April is GUITAR MONTH here at All Time Top Ten. It goes without saying that the guitar is the lifeblood of rock n' roll, and all this month we're celebrating the majesty of the axe. Kicking things off in style is a meat-and-potatoes subject that needs to be tackled. There's nothing like a well-constructed, pounded-in-your-brain, punishing rock guitar riff. Jimi, Jimmy and Keith all knew the importance of that holiest of musical hooks, and it's no surprise they are featured here along with many more of rock's most beloved riff-makers. Ben is joined by singer-songwriter-guitarist-producer extraordinaire Chris Price to count down the best rock guitar riffs. Ever.

This is Chris' first time on the show. Please make him feel at home by checking out his music over at

Episode 160 - Top Ten Songs About Marijuana w/Adam Sears
March 27, 2015 09:55 AM PDT
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Call it what you will, 'the finest of grasses' is the subject of this week's podcast. Over the years and throughout the musical universe, there have been a ton (or should we say kilo) of great tunes written about 'the noble weed'. Everyone from Willie Nelson to Snoop Dogg has paid tribute - sometimes in the same song! Ben is joined by singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Adam Sears. Ben and Adam rip a big ol' bongload of great tunes - everything from funk to metal - about what Peter Tosh refers to as "it". Join us, won't you?

Adam's progressive-space-opera-rock band Lobate Scarp are gigging all over Southern California in support of their debut album Time & Space. Learn more here:

Episode 159 - Top Ten Women Of The 00's (In Rock) w/Carolina Hoyos
March 20, 2015 08:56 AM PDT
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In the 1990's, women who knew how to rock stormed the pop charts in a completely new way. With politically-charged music and a strong sense of individuality, they collectively changed the face of music for the better. The decade following the Lilith Fair scene saw another crop of amazingly talented singers, songwriters and all-around badasses of the female persuasion doing what they do best - rocking the f out. Ben is joined by singer/songwriter/actor Carolina Hoyos to pay tribute to these women and highlight some of the best musical moments of the past decade. None of us are worthy.

For further entertainment and display of female badassery, check out Top Ten Women of the 90's (In Rock) at our archive page:

Carolina's music can be heard and admired at

Episode 158 - Top Ten Songs From Quentin Tarantino Films w/Matt Dinan
March 13, 2015 10:00 AM PDT
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In the history of filmmakers, no one has made music such an integral part of his or her films as Quentin Tarantino. For QT, finding and selecting great songs to fill out his movies probably feels as important as anything, from casting to set design to the script itself. Quentin's movie world is filled with wall to wall music, and just about all of it is amazing. Ben is joined by one of our beloved regulars, Matt Dinan. Matt is a fellow QT geek and employee at The New Beverly Cinema in Hollywood, owned by our hero Quentin. Ben and Matt pour through 20+ years of movies and count down the best musical moments in everything from Reservoir Dogs to Django Unchained. You best listen!

In addition to being a fixture over at the "Bev", as it's known - find out more at - Matt's comic book podcast Matt And Cat Have Back Issues is still going strong. Go here for more details:

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