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February 24, 2017 08:33 AM PST

ATTT's Love Month wraps up with the most naughty of topics. Infidelity is no joke, in fact it can ruin your life and the lives of others, including your kids if you're not careful. Having said that, the subject of 'cheating' in the musical world is a ton of fun. Countless songs have been written on the subject, from varied points of view. The cheater, the cheated on, the other woman/man, they all have their own unique perspectives on this nefarious activity and there's a song for every sin. Ben is joined in GoodList Studios by the lovely and talented "Numbers Girl" herself, singer-songwriter Shannon Hurley to play 20 of the funniest, saddest, angriest and most heartbroken classic tunes about being untrue to the one you "love".

Shannon Hurley's trance career is kicking into high gear with the release of "Stay (Here With Me)", an amazing collaboration with The Thrillseekers. Check out the brand new video directed by ATTT's own Matt Dinan:

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February 17, 2017 08:46 AM PST

As Woody Allen once said, “don’t knock masturbation, at least it’s sex with someone I love”. We here at ATTT wouldn’t dream of knocking it, were actually here to celebrate it. Love Month rolls on with a topic that’s as taboo as it is universal. Everybody does it, but nobody talks about it, or sings about it. As you’ll hear the last part of that sentence is completely untrue. Throughout rock and pop history there’s been a great many odes to onanism, certainly enough for a fun-filled episode of All Time Top Ten and certainly enough for Ben and fun-filled guest, our old pal and comedic song-stylist Joe Lavelle. From old Doctor Demento faves and other oddities to songs that blatantly tackled the subject right out there in the middle of mainstream pop radio, there are plenty of songs to go around in this fertile topic. The squeamish can run and hide but true music fans will stick with us and enjoy themselves listening to the best songs about… enjoying yourself!

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February 10, 2017 07:14 AM PST

Happy Valentine's Day from your smitten pals at All Time Top Ten. The Old Boy himself Ryan Blake is back again to help Ben capture and display another 20 of the greatest (sincere & not cheesy) love songs ever written. You'd think they would get harder to find by now, but the boys picked up right where they left off a year ago with more songs of devotion, romance, friendship and love, including the world premiere of a soon-to-be romantic classic written sung and performed by Mr. Blake himself. Thanks for indulging a couple of hopeless romantics for another year.

For more of ATTT's Love Songs episodes, consult your local archive page at Mixcloud. Link: https://www.mixcloud.com/beneisen/

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February 02, 2017 11:08 PM PST

Love is a fickle thing. Sometimes the stars don't line up the way they should. He loves her, but she likes that guy, but he's more interested in some other guy, and so on. Unrequited love is most people's first experience with the art form. There's about a 95% chance your first junior high crush either didn't know you existed or was indifferent to you and your pain. Unrequited love is a beast, and don't even get us started on the kind where you used to be together but now there's nothing but pining for what was and will never be again... Anyway there's been many a great song written about this special brand of suffering, and Pal of the Podcast Josh Covitt joins Ben to play the best tracks about the exquisite agony of a love that will never be.

February is Love Month here on All Time Top Ten, so buckle up for 3 more love-centric podcasts.

Josh's improv comedy troupe Outside Dog has shows in Los Angeles and beyond. Find out more here:

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January 27, 2017 09:13 AM PST

Hip-Hop as a genre is no longer a "spring chicken". Believe it or not, we have nearly 40 years of history to look back on and thousands of MC's that have come and gone. These are the GOATs. Our resident hip-hop specialist Dan Ewen is back to retain his crown and he's joined by the enigmatic mad genius Nyaze Vincent. To be clear, we're not talking lyrics or writing ability, we're only looking at natural god-given rapping talent and honed-in-the-fires-of-Mordor rapping skill. These are the voices of the first 40 years of hip-hop.

Nyaze, along with his wife Mel have an amazing podcast called Woke With Kids. If you like your fiery social commentary mixed with a bit of parenting tips, check it out here:

Dan has a new pet project on the Twitter Machine called B.A.R.N., or Baby Animals Rant The News. It's essential viewing if you want to keep up with what's happening and reduce your chance of a heart attack while you do it. Find out more here:

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January 20, 2017 10:04 AM PST

The golden age of hair metal is looked back on with scorn and ridicule by some, and by weepy nostalgia by others. We here at ATTT look back on it with reverence. Try as they might, the cynics can't take away 3 great things that the bands of the era had going for them - great guitarists, great frontmen and most importantly, great songs. Looking back, you'll find that these songs are so well crafted that you know them instantly, even if you haven't heard them in decades, and the albums were stuff of legend. Ben is joined by the illustrious Nick Baker for a podcast all about those glory days, where spandex and hairspray were accessories and high-flying guitar solos and arena-ready anthems were the standard. Good times!

Nick can be found touring the world with the lovely and talented Marina V. Find out more here: https://www.marinav.com

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January 13, 2017 09:34 AM PST

It's so surprise that the decade that featured peak Neil Diamond, peak Barry Manilow, Bread, The Captain & freaking Tennille and The Starland Vocal Band is chocked full of guilty pleasure goodness. Music was king in the 70's and every genre had it's share of overly-polyestered cheese that somehow you couldn't help but love, even if you wouldn't admit it to your friends. This week's dyno-mite podcast, Top Ten Guilty Pleasures Of The 70's, features the first of hopefully many appearances from the more-than-capable unabashed lover of all things music, the decidedly not guilty DJ Morty Coyle. Ben and Morty comb through the songs that you know and won't admit you love, as well as some you may not know you love, until now. Listen to this one discreetly, lest you be embarrassed and banished to K-Tel Records purgatory forever. You were warned.

Morty's band All Day Sucker is going strong in 2017 with new recordings on the way. Find out more at http://www.alldaysucker.net

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January 06, 2017 08:48 AM PST

This past calendar year is going to go down in history for many reasons, and not all of them kind. In spite of disastrous elections and celebrity deaths, we here at ATTT consider ourselves to be eternal optimists. Yes it's true the Cubs did win the World Series in 2016, yes it's true The Monkees released a collection of music that bests anything they've done in 45 years, and yes it's true that despite almost none of them receiving proper exposure or airplay, 2016 was a year of great songs. From jazz and country to pop, metal, punk, hip hop, indie and straight up rock n roll, 2016 had a lot to offer, if you could find it. Ben is joined for our annual year-in-review episode by ATTT all-stars Shannon Hurley & David Daskal for a super-sized mega episode. 3 Top Ten lists, 30 songs. One fantastic year... for music.

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December 30, 2016 10:11 AM PST

In what was probably the most politically-charged year around the globe since 1968, 2016 holds the distinction for also being a year of great tragedy and loss. So many of our beloved actors, sports figures and artists said goodbye this year, and there's little doubt that the music community was hit the hardest. From larger-than-life superstars to half-forgotten legends to unsung innovators, music fans were left bowing their heads in mourning all year. Ben is joined by musician/songwriter/producer Steve Deutsch to pay tribute as we all should. These are the best and brightest in music that we lost this year. We can take comfort in knowing that their music will live on forever.

Steve's musical world is best explored here:

Note - This episode was taped on December 17th, so please forgive us for not mentioning the tragic passings of George Michael, Alphonse Mouzon (Weather Report), Rick Parfitt (Status Quo), and others that we missed in the interim.

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December 23, 2016 09:20 AM PST

The tradition of Festivus begins with the airing of grievances. We've got a lot of problems with you people, and now you're gonna hear about it! 2016 gave us plenty of fodder for this episode as Ben is joined by the delightfully salty Diane Stroud as they count down their favorite songs about the things that get on our nerves. Happy Festivus to one and all!

Stream this playlist on Spotify:

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