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Episode 184 - Top Ten Musicians We Can't Believe Are Still Alive w/Shannon Hurley
October 02, 2015 08:54 AM PDT
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BOO! It's October, and that means Morbid Month is back. Back from the dead. This year there are 5 Fridays in October, so that means 5 spooky-creepy-scary episodes to chill your bones. We here at All Time Top Ten suppose that that much evil could be known as Mega Morbid Month, and so it is. We kick MMM off with our old pal, singer-songwriter Shannon Hurley, and a topic that even the least morbid among us have thought of before. You ask yourself, 'how is so-and-so still alive?'. In most cases this is a compliment because for whatever reason, these artists have been through a lot, and survived. Ben and Shannon explore the dark side of mortality, and possible immortality. Keep waiting, Mr. Gravedigger. Keep waiting.

Shannon's latest album "Switch It On" is available at her website:

Episode 183 - Top Ten Bands/Artists From Detroit w/Mike Bisch
September 25, 2015 12:46 AM PDT
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The Motor City has such a rich musical tradition, it defies belief. Where else can you get Iggy Pop and Diana Ross side by side? From funk, pop, rock, punk and soul, Detroit has an amazing musical pedigree. Via Skype all the way from Motown itself, Ben's guest Mike Bisch has spent most of his years in Southeastern Michigan, and really knows firsthand how dynamic and vibrant the city and music scene are. Mike and Ben count down the greatest artists to ever emerge from that wonderous metropolis.

If you haven't already, you must like All Time Top Ten on the Facebooks.

Episode 182 - Top Ten Stevie Wonder Songs w/Nyaze Vincent
September 18, 2015 11:46 AM PDT
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What can you say about Stevie Wonder that he can't articulate better himself - "Just because someone lacks use of his eyes doesn't mean he lacks vision." Boom. Drops mic. All Time Top Ten is proud to present to you the 20 greatest tracks from the man with the vision. The man who for over 50 years has graced us with beauty, rage, despair, contemplation, revelation, joy, soul, heart and wit. All this while getting the dance floor raging. A pioneer in a million ways, Stevie has done it all. Ben is joined by a fellow Stevie Wonder enthusiast and the charismatic lead singer of Los Angeles' premiere dance band, The LA Soul Project, Nyaze Vincent. Ben and Nyaze have a lot of reverence for the man, and pay tribute the only way they know how. Stevie, we're not worthy.

Nyaze, Ben and the rest of The LA Soul Project can be seen throughout Southern California and beyond playing the greatest dance music ever made. Check out the FB page for more details: https://www.facebook.com/lasoulproject

Episode 181 - Top Ten Interpolated/Sampled Songs w/Matt Dinan
September 11, 2015 08:53 AM PDT
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This episode could also be described as Top Ten "Borrowed" Songs. Beginning in the late 80's through the wonders of technology, artists were able to refashion old melodic and lyrical hooks, drum tracks, bass and guitar licks and more to create updated or "new" songs by either using the actual tracks (sampling) or recreating the exact same music (interpolating). Throughout the 80's, 90's and into the new millennium, these songs have come to redefine the music they borrowed, some as loving homage, some as complete and total theft (while giving the original composer credit). However you look at it, Ben and special guest Matt Dinan are ready to tackle this fascinating topic with two completely different top ten lists, depending on their points of view.

In addition to his stellar comic book podcast Matt & Cat Have Back Issues - http://mattandcathavebackissues.com/ - Matt has been producing and directing short films and music videos for years. You can check out some of these at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6OnR9JyBR-B28KLU4edw-w

Episode 180 - Top Ten "Wild" Songs w/David Wild
September 04, 2015 08:07 AM PDT
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This week's guest and co-host David Wild is a lot of things. David Wild is the author of fine books such as "He Is... I Say: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Neil Diamond" and "Diary Of A Player: How My Musical Heroes Made A Guitar Man Out Of Me", co-written by Brad Paisley. David Wild is the head writer at The Grammys and other awards shows. David Wild has been a contributing editor at Rolling Stone for decades and is one of the best rock journalists working today. David Wild is friends with every rock star on the planet. One thing David Wild is not (necessarily) is wild. Ben joins this nice Jewish boy to count down the greatest "Wild" songs of all time, i.e. the greatest songs with the word "Wild" in the title. It's a lofty premise that makes for some great music.

David Wild is also a wit machine on Twitter. Follow him here: https://twitter.com/Wildaboutmusic

Episode 179 - Top Ten Rock Instrumentals Vol. 2 w/Mike Dawson
August 28, 2015 07:38 AM PDT
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Sometimes as an artist you want to tell a story or convey a certain mood, and there aren't any words that will do the trick. Enter music. Just like a great painting, an amazing rock instrumental (and by "rock" we mean it in the "Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame" sense - rock n roll, pop, funk, surf, metal, etc) can tell what 10,000 words can not, and that's what Ben and his special guest, Mike Dawson are all about in this week's podcast. Behold and enjoy another batch of songs that prove what Seth McFarlane said - music is better than words.

If you missed ATTT's first volume of Rock Instrumentals, co-hosted by the old boy himself Ryan Blake, check it out here at our archives: https://www.mixcloud.com/beneisen/episode-149-top-ten-rock-instrumentals-vol-1-wryan-blake/

Mike Dawson is known throughout the land as the voice of the Adam Carolla Show. He's also the host of the best sounding podcast on the planet - Front Of House, featuring live performances and interviews with some of the best up-and-coming songwriters and singers in Los Angeles and beyond. Visit https://soundcloud.com/dawsangeles to hear more.

Episode 178 - Top Ten Songs About Beer w/Dustin Prince
August 07, 2015 09:03 AM PDT
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The "dog days" of summer are here and the entire northern hemisphere is slowly melting into the sidewalk. What better way to cool down and kick back than with an tall frosty one? We here at All Time Top Ten love us some beer. We love it so much we're dedicating an entire podcast to those golden suds and songs praising it's awesomeness. Our old pal and fellow beer enthusiast Dustin Prince is back to help with the festivities. Dustin and Ben search high and low, across multiple genres and eras to find the best of the best songs about ales, lagers, pilsners, stouts, bocks, and porters. Hoist a stein with us!

If you haven't been to our archive page at Mixcloud yet, you're in for a treat. All previous 177 episodes are there for your amusement. Download the app on your phone or go here:

Episode 177 - Top Ten Musical Late Bloomers w/The Fish
July 31, 2015 08:39 AM PDT
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Rock n roll is a young whippersnapper's game, this is the rule. However, as we all know rules are meant to be broken, and this week's podcast is all about those fine ladies and gents who for whatever reason got a late start but were (eventually) smashing successes in the world of music. Some of today's featured artists spent years (or decades) beating their heads against the wall of the music business before they made it to the big time. Others just took a long time to figure out who they were as musicians, and finally cashed in once they became fully-formed artists. Whatever their story, our subjects didn't sniff any taste of real success until age 30 or later. Ben is joined by the one and only Fish Olmos to count down the most worthy of musical late bloomers, and to inspire you to never give up on your dreams. These folks didn't, and look at them now -featured artists on a podcast. Wow.

The Fish is a music junkie. He plays guitar and bass in a myriad of projects that perform all over Southern California. Go bother him on Facebook:

Episode 176 - Top Ten Tom Waits Songs w/Mike Axelsen
July 24, 2015 09:56 AM PDT
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With the possible exception of David Bowie, no artist in the last 40 years has covered as much stylistic and artistic ground as the great Tom Waits. At the drop of a fedora, the man can be a pathetic barfly, a beat poet, a street urchin, a carnival barker, a lunatic in a straight jacket, and a singer of some of the most beautiful and heartbreaking love songs ever written. Throughout his career, which spans 16 studio albums, Tom has always done things a little bit skewed. And we love him for it. Ben is joined in GoodList Studios by fellow Waits fanatic Mike Axelsen to highlight the 20 greatest songs in a sea of incredible output from the man who even today is still vital, still full of piss and vinegar and still howling at the moon like a drunken maniac.

Episode 175 - Top Ten Songs About Summer w/Brandon Schott
July 17, 2015 08:00 AM PDT
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It's the middle of July, and if you're one of us here in the Northern Hemisphere, it's a magical time, at least ideally it should be. When you're young, summers are all about freedom. Freedom from school and winter coats. Freedom to do what you want - go to the beach, start a rock band, and stay out all night. Of course as you become an adult, you see there's another side of summer - sticky, oppressively hot, dangerous. Thankfully there's a multitude of songs to cover all the good, bad and ugly about our favorite season. Singer-songwriter-producer extraordinaire Brandon Schott joins ATTT to help uncover some musical gems that bring the summer to colorful life. Grab yourself some ice cream and float downstream with us.

Brandon's upcoming album Crayons And Angels is in the works and he needs your help. Check out his music at http://brandonschott.com/ for more details and a Kickstarter link.

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