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Episode 115 - Top Ten Billy Joel Songs w/Jeff Axelrod
April 18, 2014 09:34 AM PDT
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Billy Joel is many things - writer of 33 Top 40 hits, winner of 6 Grammys and nominee of 23, seller of more than 150 million records worldwide, member of the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, The Entertainer, The Piano Man, The Stranger, the Guy Who Didn't Start The Fire, amongst many other prestigious titles. One thing he never was is cool. As beloved as he is and for all of his accomplishments, Billy is unabashedly Billy. He's been considered as a songwriting genius and a virtuoso piano player, but he never got the respect that he deserved for putting himself out there in all of his Billy Joel-ness. We here at All Time Top Ten want to pay tribute to the man the only way we know how, by playing 20 of his best tracks and lavishing heaps of praise, all while telling his story - a rough-and-tumble story of heartache & betrayal, but most of all great music. Ben is joined by Billy Joel superfan Jeff Axelrod to break it all down. Enjoy.

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Episode 114 - Top Ten Songs About Rain Volume 1 w/Karman Kruschke
April 11, 2014 09:01 AM PDT
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For those of you living in the Northern Hemisphere, or as we like to say 'the only hemisphere that matters' (sorry, Aussies), Spring is here! For many of you this means lots and lots of that wet stuff falling from the sky that we love so much. Rain has been a subject of songs for as long as there have been songs. In what will soon be a beloved tradition, ATTT presents the first volume of these tunes. Ben is joined in GoodList Studios by actress & singer Karman Kruschke to bring you songs about heartache, loneliness and romance, but mostly songs about rain. Dig it.

Karman is also a fabulous photographer. Look her up and book her services here:

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Episode 113 - Top Ten Side 1, Track 1, Album 1's w/David Daskal
April 04, 2014 10:05 AM PDT
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Looking back on a legendary artist's debut can give you valuable insight as to the brilliance to come. Some bands and songwriters come out of the gate fully formed, with a clearly defined sound and personality, others take a while to find their way. This week's podcast is focused on these "true debuts" - the very first song on the very first album ever released by some of the best known and beloved musicians of all time. The rules are simple but tough - the bands in question can not have any previously released material. No previous singles or EPs or albums on some obscure fly-by-night label. These songs are the first thing in the artist's catalog. Buckle up for a fun and occasionally educational ride. Ben and his guest, actor/musician/weirdo-with-heart-of-gold David Daskal break it down for you.

David Daskal can be found live on stage throughout Southern California with his Eagles Dedication Band - The Best Of My Love. They are performing at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip later this month:

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Episode 112 - Top Ten Concept Albums Volume 1 w/Gabe Scalone
March 28, 2014 08:44 AM PDT
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If done correctly, there may be no finer artistic statement in rock n roll than a fully-formed, sprawling epic concept album. To tell a cohesive, structured story in the medium of a ten (or twenty) song cycle is not easy. Add in the difficult task of writing catchy, memorable songs to tell your tale, and making sure you teeter on just the right side of cheesiness, it's something to be commended. It takes a special brand of literary genius combined with musicianship and songcraft that can be a mess in the wrong hands. Ben and his special guest, newly-inducted 5-Timers-Club member Gabe Scalone bring you the first volume of these masterworks, spanning decades and genres. Like the category would suggest, we run a little long in this episode. But, we hope you get lost in these little worlds and come out inspired.

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Episode 111 - Top Ten Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame Snubs w/Nick Baker
March 21, 2014 08:49 AM PDT
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HELLO CLEVELAND! The Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland, OH is a sacred palace, where the greatest artists in rock and pop history are enshrined and their music is celebrated for all of time. Music fans from one generation to the next have visited this hallowed ground and bathed in the splendor that- Oh, this has gone on long enough. The Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame SHOULD be all of these things, and more, but sadly, it is incomplete. For decades now, there are certain artists that for reasons unknown are kept out, even though they have influenced millions of musicians and fans, or sold millions of records and were a major part of our culture when they were in their prime. These artists have been snubbed by the powers that be, and we're here to make their case. Ben is joined by fellow concerned citizen and rock fanatic Nick Baker to celebrate the artists that "Rock Hall" won't. We certainly hope they listen.

Nick Baker can be seen on tour this summer with the lovely and talented Marina V. More details and music here:

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Episode 110 - Top Ten Power Ballads Of The 80's Volume 1 w/Steve Cunningham
March 14, 2014 09:59 AM PDT
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Love them, or... love them, if done correctly the classic power ballad is a thing of beauty, and the 1980's is the decade that perfected the art form. ATTT is proud to present the best of these cheesy little masterpieces in all their 80's glory. Via Skype all the way from Nashville, TN, Ben's guest Steve Cunningham shows his extensive knowledge and reverence for the subject matter and Ben & Steve battle for the chance to share the gloriousness with you. Drink it in, folks. Power ballads will never be this good again.

Steve's musings on music and life in Music City can be chronicled by following him on Twitter:

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Episode 109 - Top Ten Classic (Female) Soul Singers w/Thad Wawro
March 07, 2014 08:26 AM PST
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Rock journalist Thad Wawro is back for another round of intense discussion and celebration of classic soul singers. This time, Thad and Ben break down the greatest women in soul. From Ruth Brown to Patti Labelle, the era was chocked full of big voices and big personalities. Some obvious choices are there, but Ben and Thad dig deep to highlight some of the lesser-celebrated women that fused the sacred (gospel) and profane (rock) and helped make pop music a little more exciting (soulful). Listen up, these women can SING!

Thad's previous appearance on the ol' podcast featured a breakdown of the greatest Classic (Male) Soul Singers. Listen in here:

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Episode 108 - Top Ten R.E.M. Songs w/Dan Ewen
February 28, 2014 10:11 AM PST
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R.E.M. is one of the most important and influential American rock bands of all time. Michael Stipe, Peter Buck, Mike Mills and Bill Berry started from nothing in small-town Georgia and over the course of a decade became the biggest band in the world, then continued to make stellar music for another 20 years while never losing their artistic integrity. R.E.M. has written some of the best known and best loved rock songs of the past 30 years, and Ben and his special guest distill this great career down to 20 haunting, moving and beautiful tracks with their top ten lists. Take it in, folks. There will never be another band like R.E.M.

Ben's guest, comedian & writer Dan Ewen hails from the fair city of Athens, GA where a certain amazing rock band has their roots. When he's not writing jokes for famous comedians or screenplays, he's speaking his twisted and hilarious mind on Twitter. Find him here:

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Episode 107 - Top Ten Powerhouse Vocal Performances w/Dustin Prince
February 21, 2014 09:05 AM PST
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There's nothing like a curl-your-toes, make-your-hair-stand-on-end, shivers-up-your-spine powerhouse vocal performance. That moment or two in a song where the singer just goes for it. They lay it all out there and put every ounce of power they have into that moment, and it resonates from the mountain tops. That's what we're talking about this week. Ben and his guest, long-time champion of the powerhouse vocal, Dustin Prince highlight some of the most electrifying performances by singers who can belt, wail, shout, scream and destroy their throats for our amazement. Drink it in...

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Episode 106 - Top Ten (Sincere & Not Cheesy) Love Songs Volume 3 w/Ryan Blake
February 14, 2014 09:52 AM PST
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Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! As is our annual tradition on the old podcast, we like to highlight that certain brand of romantic love song that fits our strict criteria. These songs pass the test if they can show no trace of cheese and the take out the snark and cleverness, getting right to the 'heart' of the message - pure, unrefined romantic love. All Time Top Ten's resident romantic softy Ryan Blake returns for another go-around. Share it with a loved one.

Sincere & Not Cheesy Love Songs Volumes 1 and 2 can be found at our archives at Here are the direct links:

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