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All Time Top Ten
Music geeks on a mission.
Category: Music
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Presenting All Time Top Ten. Each week a new topic, a new guest, a new top ten list. Top Ten Songs About The Future? Nailed it....

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August 12, 2019 06:00 AM PDT

50 years ago this week, the grandaddy of all music festivals was held at Yasgur's Farm in upstate New York. 400,000 people crashed the party, but it was all good, or mostly good. From Friday August 15th at around 5pm until way past sunrise on Monday August 18th, the crowd got their collective minds blown again and again by 32 incredible bands and artists, all playing at the top of their game in a culmination of all of the great things that generation did throughout the 60's. For 3 1/2 days there was nothing but peace, love and rock n roll. The astounding Bob Mutascio joins ATTT for a look at the best performances of the festival, from Jimi and Janis to Carlos, Sly and the Airplane. There will never be another Woodstock, no matter what the cynical money grubbers of the 90's will tell ya. The original is as good as it gets.

Stream this playlist on Spotify:

Bob's old Killradio show At The Show has archives and they're available here:

August 05, 2019 06:00 AM PDT

We've painted this picture for you before. It's a lovely summer evening on the road. You hit a stoplight and a car pulls up next to you. "I Can't Wait" from Nu Shooz comes blaring out of your car speakers. What do you do? Do you roll up your windows in shame? Or do you crank it up like a rock n roll animal who can't get enough of Nu Shooz's only hit? Or do you roll up the windows but keep listening, because deep down you love that song, no matter how embarrassing it would be if people knew. The Wolffing brothers Chris and Justin know a thing or two about questionable music, as you'll hear, and the 80's are such a great decade for good bad songs, here we present Volume 2 of Top Ten Guilty Pleasures in all of it's stupefying glory.

Coleflatch is an actual band. They have music you can listen to. Here:

Stream this playlist on Spotify:

Can't get enough Guilty Pleasures Of The 80's? Dig on Volume 1 from 2016 with the great Frank Nicotero:

July 29, 2019 06:00 AM PDT

As much as we love our rock n roll, the crew here at ATTT HQ have a deep abiding respect, admiration and maybe even an affinity for classical music. From the Baroque Era to the Great Romantics, there is little that can compare with music written by gods. The names of the composers on this week's list read like a who's who of some of the greatest artists to ever walk the planet. We are excited to bring in a first time guest, Mr Jacob Clarke, actor, musician, mensch and all around know it all, and he's ready to join the ATTT family by jumping directly into the deep end - the world of Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky and the greatest music ever conceived by man.

Jacob is a first timer here at ATTT but he did make his Goodlist Studios debut over on our sister podcast, the short-lived but well-loved Pop Culture Worst To First. Listen, if you dare to NOTABLE CONSPIRACY THEORIES WORST TO FIRST over here:

Stream this playlist on Spotify:

July 22, 2019 09:41 AM PDT

Anyone that knows anything about the history of the genre will agree that the 1980s were the golden years of heavy metal. This is the decade that defined it, that gave it staying power, that made it a legit art form in the eyes of fans and critics alike. Bands staked out their niches in the metalverse and became legends. Through these legends come the dozens and dozens of subgenres and sub-subgenres that we know today, and they all can be traced back to their defining moments in the 80s. Enter guitar wizard and metalhead-for-life Alex Dubovoy, who makes his in-person debut on ATTT in glorious fashion. Alex joins the pod for a look at a musical genre finding itself and churning out masterpiece album after masterpiece album. We counted down the best of the best and played some mind-blowing metal from the decade that made it.

Stream this playlist on Spotify:

July 15, 2019 06:00 AM PDT

As we looked back on 365 episodes of the podcast that won't die, The Old Boy Himself Ryan Blake and your humble host found that there were a surprisingly ridiculous number of great songs that for whatever reason have not made it onto any top ten list. We thought it might be fun to dig into the archives and the MASTER LIST (you have to say it like that) and pick out some songs that are so great they don't need a topic, they just need to be heard.

Stream this playlist on Spotify:

LA and OC people that are fans of 90s rock played by a bunch of dudes in flip flops and backwards baseball hats, we highly recommend you go see Il Destro live at a venue near you. Find out more about Orange County's #1 Greatest Dad Rock Band Of All Time here:

July 08, 2019 06:00 AM PDT

All Time Top Ten has been around for a while and we've never done an episode that broke down the best from a specific record label until now. What better label to start a new tradition with than with the iconic Sub Pop Records? Sub Pop has had a huge hand in the evolution of rock n roll for over 30 years, and continues to be the tastemaker label that defines indie rock to this very day. Our guests this week Paul Larson and Ian McKinnon are intimately connected with Sub Pop, as you'll hear in our conversation about the history of the label, and we play some killer tunes from some of the best bands ever to have that quintessential logo on their albums.

Paul has been involved in a number of bands with releases on Sub Pop. He was also in a band called The Minor Canon with your humble host on bass. People liked us! If you don't believe it, read this: https://www.passionweiss.com/2007/04/24/beards-blazers-glasses-the-minor-canon/

Stream this playlist on Spotify:

July 01, 2019 06:00 AM PDT

James Bond theme songs are a complete musical subgenre all their own. We can attempt to try to describe them - dramatic, over-the-top, cinematic, filled with danger, intrigue, surfy-guitar, creeping bass lines, horn stabs, swelling orchestras - basically you know 'em when you hear 'em. This week's special guests know a thing or two about Bond and Bond theme songs, as long time ATTT listeners know. Matt Dinan and Gabe Scalone are two of the biggest Bond fanatics in the universe, and we're taking this time to show some love to our favorite BOND-ESQUE songs. These songs fill all of the above criteria, and yet somehow are not actual James Bond theme songs, although they COULD be or perhaps should be. Let's get Bondy, shall we?

Stream this playlist on Spotify:

For more Bondy-ness consult your local All Time Top Ten archive to listen to James Bond Theme Songs Worst To First. Matt and Gabe helped to usher in the Worst To First Era in this classic episode:

June 24, 2019 06:00 AM PDT

Sometimes you want to stretch out and play some multi-suite epic composition that's not only about aliens and time travel, but is an allegory for existence itself. Or sometimes you just want to rock out for a loooooong long time. Either way, there are some incredibly worthy songs that for whatever reason clock in at a hefty 10+ minutes. Fans of prog rock, like this week's guest Adam Sears, know it all too well - the expansive, mind-blowing 23 minute prog rock masterpiece that must be listened to among candles and little else. These types of opuses (or is it opusii?) are well represented here, as well as several non-prog masterworks all cocking in at over 10 minutes long. Viva the long ass song!

Adam's space opera prog rock band Lobate Scarp are hard at work on their follow up album to 2012's Time And Space. Check out all of their cool shit at:

Stream this lengthy playlist on Spotify:

June 17, 2019 06:00 AM PDT

What about Bob? This episode is all about Bobs. Bobs in music. Our special guest this week is a Bob. LA Music Critic Bob Leggett. We like Bobs in music. Enjoy.

Stream this playlist on Spotify:

Bob hosts the LA Music Critic Award Winners Showcase this Tuesday June 18th at The Mint in LA. Find out more here:

Bob's one-man-show is playing at the Hollywood Fringe Festival all month long. Click here for more details:

June 10, 2019 06:00 AM PDT

We all know those special moments, riding in a car with your buddies, singing along to your favorite song. We all know the dawning horror that creeps into your brain as you realize there's a lyric coming up that you've always sang a certain way, but you know deep down 'your' lyrics are way off and possibly embarrassing. What do you do? Stop singing? Sing gibberish? We think you should sing that all time refrain "give me the Beach Boys and free my soul" at the top of your lungs like the proud lyric misinterpreter that you are. The classic misheard lyric, or "mondegreen" as certain snooty individuals would call it, is one of the most fun and psychologically interesting topics in music, and that's what ATTT is all about this week. Music encyclopedia Ryan Stockstad joins to put his punk cred to the test and reveal some of his favorite and possibly humiliating misheard lyrics and we take a look at some of the classic mondegreens in rock. Sing incorrectly along with us!

Ryan's Youtube series Halloween Horror Picks is (possibly) back getting a new season underway in time for Halloween. Check out some classic episodes while you wait for the new ones:

Stream this playlist on Spotify:

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