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All Time Top Ten
Music geeks on a mission.
Category: Music
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Presenting All Time Top Ten. Each week a new topic, a new guest, a new top ten list. Top Ten Songs About The Future? Nailed it....

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November 19, 2018 07:00 AM PST
November 05, 2018 07:00 AM PST

From around 1974 to 1979, disco music ruled the pop charts, the rock charts (Rolling Stones' "Miss You", anyone), the soul charts, and of course the dance charts. For 5 years, all over the world lush string arrangements, insane studio rhythm sections, and hook-laden pop songs with virtually zero lyrical content intermingled with cocaine, sex, and wild fashion. Throughout it's history, disco was mostly known as a singles genre, masterminded by producers and studio wizardry. We thought it might be fun to spotlight the artists themselves, and count down the most iconic and revered groups and singers of the era. Some were flashes in the pan, some were long-lasting superstars, before and after disco's heyday. Ben is sort of a novice when it comes to disco, so he recruited actor and fellow aspiring music historian Marcello Lanfranchi, who not only lives and breathes disco today, he lived it firsthand back in it's golden era. Do you wanna get funky with us? Then don your gold chain, get your leisure suit pressed and get ready to party. Clams on the half-shell, and roller skates. Roller skates!

Stream this playlist on Spotify:

November 02, 2018 12:26 PM PDT

The state of our country is tense right now. People are nervous and have lots of pent up frustration. We're right there with you, everybody. That's why for this month's extra bonus time episode, we're going to help let out some of that anger and tension by re-airing an episode from last summer. Hope this helps.

It's August. In other words, it's oppressively hot and sticky and school is right around the corner. In other words, we're aggravated. ATTT is trying out another theme month for size and we'd like to welcome you to Aggro August. If that name pisses you off, good. You're in the right frame of mind. We're kicking AA off with a podcast about the greatest rock frontmen and women who specialize in a vocal style best described as a mighty ear-piercing blood-curdling scream. Top Ten Rock N Roll Screamers is co-hosted by a man who eats 3 packs of cigarettes a day in addition to the 2 he smokes, so he's quite familiar with this abrasive topic. You're in for a treat - great rock screaming and the dulcet tones of The Voice of the one and only Mike Dawson. Grab a lozenge and join us.

Stream this playlist on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/alltimetopten/playlist/0RYoj3J68UOESU4fjnB2xv

October 29, 2018 07:00 AM PDT

Happy Halloween! Big doin's are afoot at GoodList Studios. We're premiering our very first episode of Pop Culture Worst To First - an official All Time Top Ten spin-off show. It's all the same host and guests you've grown to tolerate from ATTT, but with a slightly skewed new format and endless topic possibilities.

After you listen to this 15 minute preview of Dracula Movies Worst To First, go to the following link to subscribe to PCWTF on iTunes:


We'll be back next Monday with another new episode of All Time Top Ten!

October 22, 2018 07:00 AM PDT

There's nothing like doing a little venting. For the entire year, we do our best to bring you the best. At All Time Top Ten, quality is job 1. However, once in a while, or more accurately once a year we need to blow off some steam and remind the good listeners that we should never take good music for granted because without it, we'd be stuck with the atrocities you're about to hear. Imagine a world where Nickelback is not only the most popular band on the planet, they're the ONLY band on the planet. Nope. We need to hear bad music once in a while to remind us how wonderful good music is. Plus it's a blast to vent and make fun of said bad music. Ben is joined by Candi and Vanessa of the incendiary Chacharone Podcast to help take out the garbage. Who knew a little rage could be so much fun.

Chacharone Podcast is a monthly look into the state of feminism and the world at large, told through the brains of a couple of goofy LA transplants. Listen here:

Pop Culture Worst To First debuts in ONE WEEK!
Like PCWTF on Facebook for updates and to say hi.

Stream this playlist on Spotify:

October 07, 2018 05:22 PM PDT
itunes pic

Just in time for the holidays, our crack staff has designed what Kanye himself has called the best T-shirts of all time. The fancy logo will look as sexy on you as they do on Numbers Girl!

Our Gildan Heavy Cotton shirts are now available, exclusively through PayPal. Click on the link here:

Currently the only color available is Ice Grey. Be sure to leave your size preference and shipping address. Prices are as follows:

US: $25.00, shipping included
Outside US: $40.00, shipping included

Each shirt order will receive a dozen ATTT stickers. Please plaster your home town with them! smiley

October 15, 2018 07:00 AM PDT

From humble beginnings in Brooklyn, a young Carole King burst on to the Brill Building scene with enough ambition to match her undeniable songwriting talent. Together with partner and then husband Gerry Goffin, they wrote the soundtrack to the lives of millions throughout the 1960’s, writing dozens of hits for such iconic girl groups as The Chiffons, The Shirelles and The Cookies, not to mention a who’s who of great singers and bands from the era, including The Drifters, The Beatles, Aretha Franklin, Dusty Springfield, Herman’s Hermits, The Monkees, The Animals and more. Who could have foreseen that this prolific period was a warm up act for her solo career, which came into full flower with 1971’s Tapestry album. Carole deserves all of the praise and love she gets in this week’s tribute podcast, and special guest Joe Lavelle and last-minute-foisted guest Shannon Hurley help showcase why Carole King is one of our greatest living songwriters.

Joe can be found sometimes writing and performing at LA’s “Write Club” showcase. Find out more here:


Shannon and Ben’s electro-pop project Lovers & Poets has a new single out - a cover of the theme to Barbarella. Listen here:

Stream this playlist on Spotify:

October 08, 2018 07:00 AM PDT

All hail the mighty synthesizer! Around the world, from the late 70's to the mid 80's, the main attraction for a huge percentage of popular music was the dulcet tones of a warm analog Roland, Fairlight, Oberheim or Moog synth, performed by weirdos with crazy hair and insane levels of songwriting talent. The heyday of Synth Pop was the sound of the future, but with musicality and songs that are and always will be timeless. All Time Top Ten is proud to welcome back the Numbers Girl herself, in the guise of singer/songwriter and synth junkie Shannon Hurley, who helps break down the best songs from a specific time and place in the history of pop music, songs that still sound great and vital in 2018.

Shannon and Ben are excited to release a new recording as Lovers & Poets. Listen to their cover of the the theme from "Barbarella" at their Bandcamp page:

Stream this playlist on Spotify:

Check out the Top Ten Classic Synth Pop Hits video playlist on YouTube:

Get yer ATTT T-Shirts!

October 01, 2018 07:00 AM PDT

We're feeling goofy this week, and we think the main reason is our resident Goof-In-Chief David Daskal is back in Goodlist Studios for the first time in quite a while. Along with his gal-pal, David has brought with him an idea. An idea for a podcast. The playlist that was spawned from this idea will blow more than a few minds, including your humble host's. We've all had that song we've been singing for years and since we can remember, we've always assumed it was a certain artist or band. Now it's 2018 and truth bombs are falling from the cosmos in the way of Top Ten Cases Of Musical Mistaken Identity. Once you know the truth, you'll never hear these songs the same way again. If you're lucky, you learn something new everyday, here's hoping we supply that lesson with this week's podcast.

David wants you all to know about his recent appearance on the super-rad-sounding podcast Alphabetallica. Listen here to witness David's take on the Metallica track "Holier Than Thou":

As you'll hear as a special announcement on this week's podcast, GoodList Media is fast developing an ATTT spin-off podcast called Pop Culture Worst To First, premiering October 29th. Follow PCWTF on Facebook, and soon it will be everywhere.

Stream this playlist on Spotify:

September 24, 2018 08:03 AM PDT

If you're as tired of the daily news onslaught as we are, if you're suffering from outrage fatigue and are worried that you're starting to not give a crap about anything, this week's playlist could not have come soon enough. At the time of this writing the US midterm elections are a scant 6 weeks away and the deadline to register to vote in some states is just days away. This is the first time in 2 years that we're going to have any real say about what's going on in Washington. Do we want to change the current situation? There's really only one way to do that at the moment - we gotta vote our asses off. Pal Of The Pod Ryan Stockstad is back to help count down the songs you need to hear - songs to motivate, galvanize, and inspire you to get up off your ass and help us start turning this damn thing around.

People all over the country are being deleted from voter rolls for seemingly no reason. Even if you're registered, you need to confirm your status as such. There are a number of helpful sites that can tell you in a matter of seconds whether or not you're still registered. Try https://votesaveamerica.com for this info and more.

Ryan's YouTube series Halloween Horror Picks is gearing up for a new season of horror film reviews. Get caught up on previous seasons here:

Stream this playlist on Spotify:

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